Saturday, June 9, 2012

Laundry Bins

 My new laundry bins are up and running!  They sit opposite of the dryer... I pull stuff out of the dryer, fold it and then put it in the appropriate bin.  A couple of times a week (depending on the need) everyone grabs their bins, take them to their room, puts their clothes in the appropriate drawers and then bring the bins back to the laundry room.

Right now my 3.5 year old needs help emptying his...  but he know its one of his weekly chores and (so far) he loves doing it.  

I use the miscellaneous bin for whatever batch I'm folding at the moment... wash clothes, bibs, burp clothes, etc.

I have a separate sock bucket and towels just get folded and put away.
The bins are working great and it keeps my laundry room nice and tidy! Plus the stick people are just so dang cute... it makes laundry so much fun (ok, now you know I'm lying... but the cute bins do make the room cute!)

To make the labels I just opened the stick people in PSE (you can do it in Word too), added the names, printed them out on cardstock, laminated them and then used double sided tape and stuck them on the bins.
Everything is from Ikea...stick people from Fayette Designs.  Links below.


close up

Stick People by Fayette Designs

Ikea: Trofast Frame and Trofast Bins

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